Solidarity 3-116 now online!

Submitted by cathy n on 13 August, 2007 - 1:21

Download the pages, as pdfs, here (click on "read more", or read it on this website by clicking here.

Page 2: Floods and droughts: the solutions are in our hands, Obituary: Mick Cashman, Challenge the BNP everywhere
Page 3: Editorial: One for all and all for one
Pages 4 and 5: Industrial reports; Civil service: build for selective action; Reject health offer; Post Office
Page 6: Worker run hotel under threat; Turkey’s general election: a victory for democracy; International workers’ news
Page 7: Peace in Darfur? Plane stupid, Close down Campsfield
Page 8-9: The birth of the new unions; Parables for Socialism: How tobacoo firms conspired to kill
Page 10-11: Student leaders attack democracy, Chartism in the open air; the spectreof eco-socialism
Page 12: Debate: The drugs do work; Help Fatah fight Hamas
Page 13-14 A letter to a confused anti-imperialist; Gossip or real debate
Page 15: 40 years after the Sexual Offences Act
Page 16: Starbucks workers need a union

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