Socialists challenge the Blair-Brown show

Submitted by Janine on 6 July, 2006 - 1:38

Edited extracts from a statement issued by Labour Party socialists after the local council elections...

“A string of policies have turned our own supporters against us. From the Education Bill, privatisation of public services, the cuts in the NHS to the war in Iraq, we’ve alienated our natural supporters.

“Voters stay at home, party members resign, small cliques around Blair and Brown vie for power and position. Decision making is centralised, with policies handed down from on-high.

“These results demand that we launch a serious challenge for Labour’s future - a challenge to transform the structures of the party, to change our policies, and to change the leadership.

“The LRC [Labour Representation Committee] conference meets in July; we will be recommending that a decision is taken in principle to mount this challenge.”

(statement from LRC and Campaign Group)

Labour Representation Committee conference:

Saturday 22nd July

10am - 4:30pm

TUC Congress House

near Tottenham Court Road tube

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