Shop Stewards' Network

Submitted by Off The Rails on 15 June, 2007 - 7:52

Early July will see a conference to found a National Shop Stewards’ Network. Rank-and-file organisation like this is essential to making our unions more responsive to workers’ needs.

This initiative came from a conference hosted by RMT which discussed the crisis in working-class political representation.

It could be a major step forward in organising the rank and file to revitalise our unions the better to fight the employers and their incessant attacks.

But to ensure that it is, we need genuine rank-and-file delegates from branches, to prevent the initiative being over-run by full-timers and to make sure that it actually represents the views from the workplace.

It also needs to ensure that the Network comes to life into the various industries and regions, rather than just a series of conferences. So make sure your union branch sends delegates, and if you can, get along there yourself!

Saturday 7 July, 11am - 5pm

South Camden Community School

Charrington Street, London

(Kings Cross/Euston)

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