School students fight to reverse deportations

Submitted by Anon on 19 November, 2005 - 12:28

OVER 100 school children in Wigan took part in a rally last Saturday 5th November 2005 to demand five of their class-mates are brought back from Uganda.

Sarah Hata and her children – Dennis, Hope, Maureen, Peace and Moris – were taken from their home, detained and finally, without warning, removed to Uganda on the 26 October.

Teachers joined pupils from St Thomas More RC High School and St. Cuthbert's Primary School as read they out letters they have written to Prime Minister, Tony Blair. They are demanding that the Hata family are returned to their home in Wigan from Uganda whilst their solicitor continues to make representations on their behalf.

Sarah and the children were taken from Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre just hours after being seen by her doctor, Frank Arnold, who said: “The entire family show signs of post traumatic stress disorder and are not fit to be removed from the UK”.

Sarah arrived in the UK in 2002. She says she was imprisoned for 5 years in Uganda, during which time she was tortured and raped - she has visible scars.

As a result of what she experienced in Uganda, Sarah has been continuously receiving treatment for psychological problems. However, no medical report concerning her scars of torture was used in Sarah's asylum case before she was removed from the UK. Having examined Sarah, Dr Arnold confirmed that “Sarah Hata has scars of torture”.

Describing the multiple removal attempts on the family, Dr Arnold explained “The children were terrified and the youngest boy had an epileptic fit on the airplane while an attempt was being made to remove them from this country. He was suffering from severe pain in his chest and back from an inappropriate attempt to revive him. During his fit his mother was prevented from helping him”.

In other words the family have suffered not just at the hands of the Ugandan authorities, but also at the hands of the UK authorities.

The entire family integrated very successfully into the community in Wigan and made many friends. The entire school have expressed their whole-hearted support for the return of the children. They are appalled by the way this loving, caring family were treated in detention and during removal attempts. They now just want them all to come home.

• For further info, please contact Friends of Sarah Campaign : 01942 776303, 01942 226111 or 01942 203583.

• National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns:

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