Say no to sharia law!

Submitted by Anon on 2 March, 2006 - 6:19

A call from the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

To all women’s, progressive, secularist and labour movement organisations

Make International Women’s Day on 8 March a day of saying no to Islamic sharia law in Iraq

Iraqi women are facing a historic threat. The US/UK occupation has strengthened political Islamist groups, who now constitute a majority in the US-installed parliament and have a dominant position in the new constitution based on ethnic division and the principles of Islamic sharia law. After decades of erosion by Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s secular personal status law has now been abolished and all marital and family matters will be conducted on the basis of sharia and other forms of religious-tribal law.

This means the enslavement of Iraqi women under a system of laws developed hundreds off years ago in the dark ages. Iraqi women will not accept their subjugation. We will stand firm against both the occupation and political Islam in Iraq - but to do this we need your solidarity - please support us in our struggle. We ask you to endorse our call and to take action, including by writing letters of protest to the US embassy in your country, calling for

• An end to sharia law and all law discriminating against women in Iraq.

• Full equality between men and women.

• A secular, egalitarian, democratic Iraqi constitution.

• Full equality for and representation of women in all political, social and economic spheres.


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