Read Trotsky, Shachtman, and Cannon

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Revolution Betrayed

If you're studying "The Two Trotskyisms", take this chance to obtain and read some of what the main figures in the movement wrote.

Availability varies. As of 10/02/19:

The New Course - available
The Revolution Betrayed - available
Notebook of an Agitator - available
History of American Trotskyism - available

Order using PayPal button below. Postage is £2.80 in the UK however many books you order. For rates outside the UK, email us.

"The New Course", by Leon Trotsky, with "The Struggle for the New Course" by Max Shachtman. Trotsky's classic statement of the revolutionary-democratic drive of Bolshevism. The introduction was Shachtman's first major restatement on the Stalinist counter-revolution, and was the starting point for the polemic between Braverman and Shachtman included in "The Two Trotskyisms". £15 plus £2.80 UK postage.

"The Revolution Betrayed", by Leon Trotsky: his major summary on the USSR, written in 1936 before the Moscow Trials, and arguing that at that point "the question of the character of the USSR" was "not yet decided by history". £10 plus £2.80 UK postage.

"Notebook of an Agitator": selections from James P Cannon's journalism from 1926 to 1954 - Sacco and Vanzetti, International Labor Defense, workers' struggles, "The Stalinist Ideology", and more. £10 plus £2.80 UK postage.

"History of American Trotskyism", by James P Cannon. A history, up to 1938, slammed by Al Glotzer in a review included in "The Two Trotskyisms", but also praised as "a living book" in our introduction. £10 plus £2.80 UK postage.

Add £2.80 UK postage for however many books ordered

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