Railworkers ballot for action!

Submitted by cathy n on 22 July, 1995 - 2:02

As we go to press, RMT and ASLEF members on British Rail and London Underground are balloting for a series of one day strikes over pay.

The RMT wants a 6% rise. ASLEF — the train drivers’ union — want “a substantial increase.”

If the RMT ballot is lost the responsibility lies entirely with the union’s unelected bureaucracy who have refused to really fight for a big yes vote, despite the decisions of the union’s elected Executive, or the feelings of activists on the ground.

If the ballots do show majorities for action then we need action co-ordinated across both the unions and on British Rail and London Underground.

All active trade unionists and socialists should get set to build railworkers’ support groups as a focus for solidarity.

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