Public services not profit

Submitted by Anon on 16 July, 2006 - 11:15

Following a successful lobby of Parliament on June 27, the John McDonnell-initiated ‘Public Services Not Private Profit’ campaign looks as if it may have the potential to cohere the various trade union-orientated anti-privatisation campaigns into a single fight-back against the Blair government’s assault on the public sector.

PSNPP has published a pamphlet that gives a comprehensive overview of the impact of PFI schemes, PPPs and other forms of privatisation on a wide range of public services. Containing quotes from trade union and campaign leaders, the pamphlet clearly looks to workers in the effected sectors to lead the resistance to further sell-offs and marketisation.

The campaign is far from perfect – weeks after its lobby there are no further events advertised on its website – but it will be an important site of struggle for revolutionaries who want to see a broad, working-class led campaign not only against Blair’s project of privatisation but for real welfare provision and public ownership.

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