Protesters Occupy to Stop Theatre Demolition

Submitted by Janine on 20 February, 2006 - 9:40

Last night, protesters occupied the old Dalston Theatre, hoping to prevent Hackney Council demolishing it.

Campaigners OPEN say: "The Victorian and Georgian buildings at 4-14 Dalston Lane, E8, are now occupied by people who are concerned at the threat of demolition. OPEN understands that council officers are currently seeking to effect re-entry to the buildings.

"The historic site, which consists of the Victorian Dalston Theatre and a pair of Georgian townhouses, was condemned to total demolition by a Council Planning Sub-Committee on 6 February 2006.

"The Council Committee's decision to vote for total demolition disregarded many objections from the local community, heritage agencies and community groups as well as OPEN, which is committed to seeing the buildings re-used as part of a wider regeneration for the area."

Since the turn of the Millennium, Hackney Council has been trying to solve its financial crisis by flogging off its assets. The result is that popular places such as Tony's Cafe on Broadway Market, and places which could be developed into community facilities - such as Dalston Theatre - fall into the hands of greedy developers. Dalston Theatre is next to the site of what will be Dalston Junction station when the East London line extension is built, so is valuable land for building expensive private flats for commuters.

Stop these sell-offs - support the occupation!

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