A programme for unity

Submitted by Anon on 4 November, 2005 - 11:15

Right now class politics are not being articulated by the labour movement.

Our movement does not organise an effective fight against the thousands of social atrocities which all workers, but especially the most oppressed sections of the working class, are subjected to. Our movement will rise again and recover its confidence and fight back. The job of socialists is fight hard against division and argue for the kinds of policies that can really address the racism and poverty that capitalism breeds. Bits of funding for this or that community project which this or that group is left to compete for will not combat, cannot eradicate, and may even make worse poverty and deprivation.

Socialists must be part of the basic organisations of the working class, the trade unions, and help turn them outwards to campaign on the streets and the estates.We need demands like:

• A decent home for everyone

• Jobs for all

• Restore and extend the NHS and the welfare state

• Jobs, training or education for all young people

• Free secular state education from the nursery to the university

• To pay for this: tax the rich and the big corporations

• Fight for real equality in employment and housing.

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