Probation Service: Build support for a ballot

Submitted by Anon on 13 March, 2009 - 8:56

PROBATION SERVICE: Probation areas up and down the country are facing huge cuts in government funding. Redundancies are already on the cards in several areas along with attacks on terms and conditions.

In Yorkshire and Humberside, one of the worst affected regions, there are job cuts proposed in West Yorks, South Yorks, North Yorks and Humberside. Unison and napo. the trade unions that represent probation workers, have begun to organise against the cutbacks. Workers are angry that vast amounts of money have been squandered centrally on expensive privatisations, excessive use of private consultants and a disastrous IT project.

In South Yorks a joint union indicative (pre) ballot gave support for strike action against compulsory redundancies with over 90% in favour. The priority now is to build up support for an official ballot in the event that compulsory redundancies are proposed. A joint NAPO Unison campaign is urgently needed at a national level to mount a vigorous campaign against these cuts and for the probation service to be properly funded.

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