Post workers beat privatisation plan

Submitted by AWL on 11 January, 2003 - 5:58

By a postal worker

OUR superb victory in defeating the privatisation of Cashco (workers responsible for handling cash) shows what can be done when the union fights properly. In the face of a 95% vote in favour of strike action amongst Cashco members and CWU leaders threatening to spread the action, the Government ordered Royal Mail Group management to halt the sell off. We must now ensure that the campaign is stepped up against the Post Comm proposals - stamp price increases and post office closures - and the fight against job cuts in Royal Mail.
Royal Mail want to achieve massive savings and are using a phoney employee shares scheme to help promote support amongst workers for their job cutting agenda. The idea is that we get a share of the profits if the business ever returns to profitability. This is a sick joke - Royal Mail's ideas for returning to profitabilty consist of pay freezes and job cuts. Having squandered the billion pound profit made by postal workers between 1995 and 2000, cutting tens of thousands of jobs and increasing take home pay by little more than 13% in the last five years, management should be made to pay for their own mistakes. The partnership between workforce and management being asked for by Royal Mail is a fallacy. Postal workers collective interests lie in fighting for better pay and conditions and stopping privatisation - not in helping the Government and management to destroy the postal industry.

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