The PCS Union is being hijacked

Submitted by martin on 27 May, 2002 - 3:05

Over a year ago members voted for Mark Serwotka to be the new General Secretary of the Union. Following that election there began an extended handover of work between the outgoing General secretary, Barry Reamsbottom and Mark. That handover was meant to be completed on the 1 June when Mark would take up all of the duties of the General Secretary. Barry Reamsbottom had agreed these arrangements; indeed he signed a contract and agreed to leave on the 1 June in return for a £120,000 pay off!!

Now in an amazing turn round, just days before having to leave, the right wing grouping (called the Moderates) on the newly elected National Executive Committee have said that Mark will not be the General Secretary and that Barry Reamsbottom can stay on to 1 April 2004.
Mark Serwotka won the election with 42,000 votes; Barry Reamsbottom has never faced election in the PCS (he was a GS from one of the Unions that formed the PCS). Thus the very idea of democracy, that those with the most votes win elections and take up post, has been thrown out by the right wing on the NEC. The Moderrates have in effect set up a dictatorship in the Union; they are in charge no matter who the members vote for.

Not only is democracy is at stake (whether votes count at all) but future pay prospects as well. Mark was elected on the promise to move us back to National Pay, that is that all civil servants should be paid the same pay rate no matter what part of the Service they work; the Modertaes are 100% opposed to this. A return to National Pay would mean large pay raises for most members.

Mark wanted to stop the clampdown on sick leave; the Moderates do not; Mark wanted members to have legal representation if they get into trouble at work; the Moderates do not. The Moderates, however, are willing to spend £100,000s of Union money to defend their unlawful actions in court as they seek to effectively sack Mark.

To stop them every Union branch and as many members as possible must protest.

Letters of protest at the actions of the Moderates should be faxed to:

Barry Reamsbottom on 020 7924 1847 - he can be e-mailed on

Letters of support (or copies of the protest letters) can faxed to same number but the addressee being Janice Godrich or e-mailed to

Janice.Godrich@pcs.orguk or

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