PCS- More action?

Submitted by Anon on 12 October, 2007 - 9:22

PCS is now in the midst of balloting its members concerning future industrial action.

Members are being told that if they vote “yes” in the ballot there will be a one day strike later this year – the stated aim being to achieve the greatest impact on the media, public opinion and politicians. The one day action is to be co-ordinated with other unions if possible.

Further, the sub sections of the union, called Groups (these cover a department or agency) are to take action “if there is a dispute over an issue which is part of the national campaign such as pay, redundancies or office closures”.

The ballot itself is not a legal one. The Union already has a mandate from an earlier legal ballot. This latest vote is designed to let members have a say as to whether the action should continue.

Clearly the action must continue, but there has to be a real discussions concerning the tactics. Delegating action to the Groups is not the correct way forward, and runs the risk of de-focusing the national campaign.

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