Pay up, Consignia!

Submitted by Anon on 6 March, 2002 - 9:12

From the latest issue of the AWL bulletin, Postalworker.

After two months of "intensive negotiation", Royal Mail have upped their offer to 2.1%. New Consignia chairman Allan Leighton (who earns £19,000 a month on top of extra pocket money earned from his various other business interests) resumed his attack on postal workers when he told the media "No-one should have a penny pay rise. I am not afraid to say it. There should be a pay freeze. If I had been chairman more than three months ago we would not have even made a pay offer".
We should neither laugh or cry at this insult from someone who is responsible for Consignia losing £1 million a day. Now is the time to go on the offensive. Strike action is the most effective weapon we have and it must be organised to have maximum impact on Royal Mail. Should we need evidence that we can win our pay claim, just look at the London tube workers, who were awarded 5.7% after balloting for strike action.

Stop the victimisations!

Royal Mail bosses have raised the temperature of the dispute further with the dismissal of two postal workers in Dartford and London. In both cases, the workers were dismissed for breach of security regulations after being the victims of a violent attack on their post vans. Both had clear conduct records and one of them had 30 years service.

Royal Mail bosses have been guilty of failing to invest in security boxes for delivery vans which would have prevented the theft of valuable items. But as ever, they viewed the opportunity to attack a postal worker as being more of a priority than the extra costs involved in properly protecting their customers mail.

This is just one example of the kind of behaviour that management have employed against us for the last few years. They will attempt to scare and divide us by victimising individuals. But their action only ever has the opposite effect on our resolve. It is about time that we demonstrated the kind of solidarity we have by taking national strike action if necessary to defend our fellow workers.

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