Osanloo and Madadi receive long jail sentences

Submitted by Anon on 19 November, 2007 - 9:29 Author: Pablo Velasco

Two leaders of the Iranian bus workers’ union have been given long prison sentences for “acting against national security”, according to reports from Iran.

Mansour Osanloo, the president of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Company was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for “propaganda against the system and acting against national security”, while Ebrahim Madadi, the vice-president was sent down for two years for “acting against national security”.

Parvaneh Osanloo, Mansour Osanloo’s wife vowed to fight these unjust sentences. She said that doctors had recommended six weeks to three months of medical care and complete rest for her husband after his emergency eye surgery. However Evin prison’s general ward environment is not hygienic and sanitised and there is no proper facility for sick prisoners.

She said that Osanloo has already been in jail for about 13 months in total, but didn’t know if this period was going to be considered. She added that judiciary authorities do not listen to lawyers and Osanloo’s lawyers did not have full access to his file. Mansour Osanloo has been facing numerous charges and different files have been opened against him.

Parvaneh Osanloo added that when Osanloo was kidnapped and taken to Evin prison, a new file with additional charges were opened against him. Those charges were withdrawn, although there might still be other opened files.

Protest via the LabourStart website at www.labourstart.org

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