"Organise women interested in socialist-feminist ideas and the AWL" (document 3.0)

Submitted by martin on 20 May, 2007 - 6:45

1. We will undertake a programme of education in the group around the history, theory and politics of socialism and feminism/socialism-feminism over the next year.
This will begin with the Socialist Feminist dayschool on 21 April. We will collate and make available on our website reading and background material related to our own history, record and programme on these issues.

2. We will follow up on the successful Feminist Fightback conference and march for abortion rights with other campaigning activity on abortion rights. This might be: some direct action, a dayschool (especially explaining the importance of the availability of late abortions), publicity material/down loadable leaflets etc.

3. We will aim to help organise another Feminist Fightback conference later in 2007.

4. We will look for and keep under review other areas of work we could undertake as a group - e.g. No Sweat work, international solidarity work. We will draw on the experience and work of trade union comrades to assist in the development of a programme of action for women wage workers (e.g., flexible working and paid family leave, equal pay and attack on low pay, unionisation of the super exploited such as cleaners) as part of the development of a broader working class women's programme (e.g., end to child poverty, decent homes for all, end to discrimination in pensions).

5. We will continue to produce a Women’s Fightback supplement (approximately every two months) and use this to develop our theoretical and political knowledge and organise women interested in socialist-feminist ideas and the AWL.

A much longer document was presented to the conference as background to this resolution, but not voted on.

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