Not welcome?

Submitted by AWL on 22 December, 2002 - 9:21

In the last issue of Solidarity (3/19) we reported on how Solidarity supporter, Faz Velmi, was verbally attacked by George Galloway MP, at a meeting organised by the University College London's Stop the War Group. Faz, an invited speaker, along with Galloway, argued that the Kurds, and Israeli Jews, also had the right to self-determination and was accused of 'Zionism'. Lindsey German told the meeting that people "like Faz" who advocated a two states programme for Israel/Palestine were not welcome in the Stop the War Coalition. Does that mean German doesn't want the PLO and most of the Israeli left in 'her' campaign?

The UCL Stop the War Group have written a letter of complaint to Lindsey German about her "not welcome" remark. Watch this space...

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