Northern Rail: crap traction

Submitted by AWL on 17 June, 2015 - 12:14

Northern Rail is famous for its crap traction. The state of its rolling stock has been the subject of much comment in this publication, the national press, industry publications, social media and communications from the rail unions.

Off The Rails readers will probably be aware that the next Northern franchise is one of the likely destinations for the 'new' DEMUs currently being developed by the chancers at Vivarail.

These units will actually be re-furbished ex-District Line trains, retired from service on the Tube because they are outdated and not up to scratch safety-wise. In its coverage of a recent crash test of a prototype Vivarail "D-Train", the Railway Gazette website reports that it survived a crash into a 3-ton water tank. At 36km/h.

Off The Rails believes that a train that is destined to run at up to 60mph and could potentially collide with other trains or road vehicles should be tested for crashworthiness in realistic conditions!
Vivarail and its shoddy trains are a menace, RMT and ASLEF should refuse to operate them whenever and wherever the employers try to bring them in - at least until they have been proven under realistic conditions.

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