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A roundup of news from around the country...
Around 20 people attended a session at Edinburgh's radical bookfair, hosted by No Sweat, to discuss Dan La Botz's book Made in Indonesia, and Gregor Galls' book, Union Organising, about the international struggle for trade union recognition.

Edinburgh No Sweat held a picket of the Chinese consulate in Edinburgh on the 27 May in support of the two Liaoyang labour leaders, Xiao Yunliang and Yao Fuxin, recently jailed under China's vicious anti-worker laws.

Manchester No Sweat are also taking action in support of these Chinese workers, protesting outside the Chinese consulate in Manchester on Saturday 7 June. Manchester No Sweat will discuss the issue at their next meeting: 7.30, Monday 16 June at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street.

London No Sweat's second forum at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton will take place on Wednesday 18 June at 7 pm.. The group will be showing a film about the Harvard University Living Wage sit-in and discussing the lessons from the US student anti-sweatshop movement.

Sheffield No Sweat will be at Pitsmoor and Sharrow festivals which run in July and August, putting on a street theatre style "Sweatshop fashion show" and bucket collecting for CAT. Any volunteers? email:

Join No Sweat for the Tolpuddle festival

Camping at the annual Tolpuddle festival, Dorset, in memory of the beginnings of British trade unionism and those activists transported to Australia for "administering an illegal oath". No Sweat workshops and training.

Beer, sun, music, politics, Billy Bragg, Tony Benn and a big march in commemoration of the martyrs on the Sunday.

The festival takes place Friday 18-Sunday 20 July. Cost on the No Sweat transport from London (including campsite fees) is £35. More details from

US students go on hunger strike for living wage

Students and workers at Stanford have been struggling for years to win a living wage, access to health care, equal pay for equal work, access to education, and the right to organise. At the end of May six Stanford students began fasting for a comprehensive Code of Conduct to establish labour standards for all workers at Stanford University and Stanford Hospital.
More information:

NO SWEAT: PO Box 36707, London SW9 8YA Tel: 07904 431959

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