No sex workers please... we’re feminists

Submitted by Anon on 22 October, 2006 - 3:01

This year’s programme of events at the Women’s Library in London focuses on prostitution. But a series of events completely excludes sex workers, sex workers‚ organisations, as well as anyone speaking from a perspective that supports sex workers’ and migrants’ struggles in the UK and abroad!

This is a serious political choice that calls for socialist feminists to make visible our dissent.

The fact that this has happened in a place which is usually an interesting feminist space is a stronger reason to react: this is also our space!

A number of women around the International Union of Sex Workers are organising a collective public visit to the exhibition on the 19 October at around 6.30, followed by a discussion in the pub. A demo is planned for 23rd of November, at 5.30, outside the Women’s Library during the Annual Lecture.

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