No room for anti-semitism in the anti-war movement!

Submitted by AWL on 6 April, 2003 - 7:29

By Joan Trevor

During the Paris anti-war demonstration of 22 March, a group of marchers broke away and attacked youth from the left-wing Zionist organisation Hachomer Hatzaïr.

The attackers carried Palestinian and Iraqi flags and made anti-semitic chants. Hachomer Hatzaïr protested to the organisers of the march, the Coordination de l'appel 'Non a la guerre contre l'Irak': " is your republican duty to stop the presence, in your march, of people and messages advocating hatred."

"You cannot continue to pay lip service to humanist ideas at the same same time as you march side by side with people motivated by hatred.

It is up to you to forewarn, chant and declare: 'Anti-semites, you have no place on our march!' In the future, we will interpret the presence in your marches of any comparison of the Star of David to the swastika as a renunciation of your republican ideas."

The organisers have condemned the violence. They have not commented on the demands of Hachomer Hatzaïr, but stewards looked out for
"excesses" on the 29 March demonstration.

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