No deportations!

Submitted by Anon on 24 June, 2006 - 12:57

No deportations to Iraq!

The Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq held a successful and well-attended conference in London on Saturday 24 June, opened by John McDonnell MP.

Dashty Jamal of the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees gave an overview of the current situation in Iraq— “turned from a modern country into a jungle”.

Sawsan Salim from the Kurdistan Refugee Women’s organisation spoke of the circumstances of women fleeing from Iraqi Kurdistan. Sarah Cutler (Bail for immigration Detainees) gave a practical speech to the conference about the first steps to be taken by asylum seekers when they are detained.

During the afternoon session, several people whose cases have been refused gave very moving speeches about their own stories and their struggle to survive with dignity against all the odds. Several speakers, including John McDonnell, suggested that the campaign help organise an event on 7 October, the International Day for Migrants Rights that has already been called for by the European Social Forum. A 13 person steering committee was elected to run the Coalition.

Before the conference closed we passed a resolution reaffirming our aims and agreeing some new areas of work, including doing more joint work with other campaigns around related issues. The resolution will be sent to Tony Blair and to the Minister for Nationality, Citizenship and Immigration.

A more detailed report is available at:

Karen Johnson

Innocent must stay

Immigration rights activists in Tameside are petitioning immigration minister to demand that Innocent-Prosper Nkung Empi, a teacher and democratic rights activist from the DR Congo, be allowed to stay in the UK.

As a political dissident and gay man, Innocent faces jail and torture if he returns home. He is currently doing voluntary work and is well integrated into the Tameside community. Despite this, his asylum case has been dismissed.

To sign the petition to demand that Innocent stays in Britain, contact

Innocent Must Stay Campaign

124 Stamford Street



Tel: 07871676129 or 0161 343 5362

School students to be deported

Two brothers - both pupils at Quintin Kynaston School in Westminster - and their mother face deporation to Iran where they have already been sentenced to jail terms of five and seven years. Campaigners at the school are appealing to the Home Secretary John Reid to allow the boys and their mother to remain in the UK.

For copies of the petition, please contact

David Davies

Quintin Kynaston School

Marlborough Hill

London NW8 0NL

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