No confidence in Blair

Submitted by AWL on 7 November, 2002 - 11:31

Text for use in drafting motions to CWU conference.
This Conference has no confidence in Tony Blair as leader of the Labour Party. Therefore we resolve to maintain the current level of affiliation to the Labour Party but:
1. To use all remaining moneys from the political levy to promote CWU policy and support CWU political campaigning, including joint campaigning with other unions as in point 6 below.

2. To give financial and practical support only to Labour candidates who are loyal to the labour movement and to trade-union and working-class principles.

3. To instruct the PFMC to review current Constituency Development Plans in the light of current supported MPs' commitment, or lack of it, to the aims and objectives of the labour movement.

4. To use our Labour affiliation in order to campaign actively for a fundamental change in direction of Labour Party policy on the issues of the anti trade union laws and the privatisation and marketisation of public services.

5. To welcome the Executive's decision to condemn the Labour Party's expulsion of the RMT.

6. To work with other trade unions, including the RMT, to develop a Labour Representation Committee with the aim of promoting independent working class representation in politics.

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