New bulletin for East Midlands Trains workers launched

Submitted by AWL on 17 June, 2015 - 1:01

Off The Rails supporters working for East Midlands Trains recently launched Nottingham Railworker, a new monthly bulletin for EMT workers. Here, we print some extracts from the first issue:

We all make mistakes, the important thing is how we react to them. On that score then it would appear that EMT has failed dismally.

After a 158 entered service in early February with a dangerous defect you might have expected an immediate inspection of the fleet to check that other units weren’t suffering from the same problem. Railworker believes that didn’t happen with key staff being left in the dark.

Hopefully EMT will have learnt from this episode, especially as they move from 48 hour “B” exams to completing them in 24 with all the attendant risks that such a speed up will entail.

In other news, rumour has it that management aren’t happy with a fall in revenue on the Worksop line, blaming it on guards not working hard enough. So, nothing to do with laying off those ATEs?

Funny then that EMT were quick to respond to a similar fall on the gateline last year when they came out of revenue protection by employing more staff.

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