Momentum NHS organising

Submitted by Matthew on 13 January, 2016 - 12:22 Author: Sacha Ismail and Jill Mountford

As previously reported in Solidarity, Labour Party supporting NHS activists have launched Momentum NHS to build links between Labour, the wider labour movement and NHS campaigns — and build pressure for Labour to take the lead in the fight to save the Health Service.

We had our first planning meeting after the Save Lewisham Hospital conference on 5 December, have been getting social media in place and drawing more people in, and are now holding an organising meeting on Saturday 16 January, 3pm (email for venue details).

The meeting will discuss proposals for mobilising local Labour Parties, and for drawing NHS campaigns into a united front to put pressure on the Labour Party nationally. That includes the idea of campaigning for Labour to organise a national demonstration to save the NHS and in support of the current doctors' and nurses' struggles.
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• For Labour-focused NHS campaign reports and materials going back to 2012, see here

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