Momentum and the EU referendum

Submitted by Matthew on 20 April, 2016 - 1:04 Author: Sacha Ismail

With the EU referendum hanging in the balance, the position taken by Momentum could conceivably be important for the result.

Certainly, with the left nationalist “out” camp getting more organised, it will be important for the political health of the left. Of course the Labour left has traditionally favoured Britain leaving the EU: Workers’ Liberty and its predecessor organisations have always swum against the stream on this. Three factors have broken down that stance: the obvious realities of the referendum, the position taken by Jeremy Corbyn (particularly now after his left-wing 14 April speech) and the influx of new people around the Corbyn campaign and Momentum.

Many Momentum groups are debating the issues — for instance, Lewisham Momentum is holding a debate with speakers including Matt Wrack of the FBU on 23 May. A number of groups have adopted a position — as far as we know, all for “in” and all by a huge majority.

The Momentum National Committee meeting on 21 May is late in the day — but then in reality it was probably always going to be hard to get much going before the 5 May elections anyway. The NC meeting is an opportunity to take a clear position and get Momentum groups and activists across the country mobilised.

Already, on the initiative of a Workers’ Liberty supporter, Northampton Momentum has submitted a proposal for a left “in”, working with the Another Europe is Possible campaign. The Momentum NC should vote to campaign for “in” on 21 May. Let’s make sure it happens. Put a motion for “in” to your Momentum group. Hold a public debate. Get in touch and we can help you.

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