Model motion for union branches

Submitted by Anon on 13 September, 2006 - 10:55

This union notes

1. The recent visit by Tony Blair to Quintin Kynaston school in North London
in the midst of speculation over his leadership of the Labour Party and
future as Prime Minister.
2. The growing opposition to government policy on trust schools,
privatisation and war in Iraq and Lebanon.
3. That Mr Blair was met by a demonstration supported by the local NUT,
Unison and School Students Against the War.
4. That Robin Sivapalan, a teaching assistant at Quintin Kynaston, has been
suspended from work as a result of his participation in the demonstration.

This union believes

1. That the suspension of Robin Sivalapan is an attack on freedom of speech
and the right to protest, with government and employers aiming to silence
public servants when they oppose government policy.
2. That Robin Sivapalan should be reinstated and all charges against him

This union resolves

1. To be a signatory to the petition to reinstate Robin Sivapalan.
2. To offer material aid and practical solidarity to the campaign.
3. To respond robustly where members are suspended on similar grounds.

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