Mobilise the members!

Submitted by AWL on 17 May, 2017 - 9:22

Labour has almost 500,000 members. If just half of these members were mobilised and turned into activists, they could transform the party and make a huge impact at the election.

Despite some impressive mobilisations by Labour — bringing members into marginal seats across the country for instance — many members are completely unengaged with their local party. In a snap election, there will always be a strain on resources. Mobilising new members, many of whom have not yet been integrated into any activity, is a challenge. But it is one Labour must do everything to take up.

Reports show that in many seats across the UK there are very small numbers of activists doing the work and that there is little attempt to get new members involve, or outright resistance to it. If whole areas even in predominantly working-class safe Labour seats, have no contact from campaigners, then there is a real risk that seats will be left vulnerable and voters will not turn out to vote.

Weakened majorities for Labour MPs — even where marginals are retained — will embolden the right in Labour who continually claim that Corbyn and his policies are not popular or not popular enough with the “core vote”. They want left-wing and socialist ideas to fail.

Activists should ring Labour Party and Momentum members and supporters and get them out as soon as possible. This will make a difference in the election and after, and will be our main defence against a possibly resurgent Labour right.

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