Mobilisations to tackle the failure of Lula's government

Submitted by Anon on 9 February, 2005 - 6:41

The Brazilian landless movement (MST) is to launch a series of mobilisations this year after criticising the failures of the Lula government.

MST leader João Pedro Stédile said that after two years of Lula’s government, agrarian reform continues at a snail’s pace, mainly because of the neo-liberal economic policies of the government

The MST will step up support for land occupations, which it says are necessary because of the quantity of unused land and the number of landless workers.

Lula’s government has settled 60 thousand families in its first two years — less than even the final years of the previous government. There are more than 200 thousand families camped who want land and can’t get it.

In April the MST is planning to organise a demonstration on the minimum wage, which currently stands at R$300.00 (roughly US$100).

More information: a href="">interview with Stédile

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