Millions out against Modi

Submitted by Matthew on 7 September, 2016 - 10:38 Author: Peggy Carter

Millions of workers across India have struck against Prime Minister Modi′s plans for public sector privatisation and an inadequate minimum wage increase.

The general strike on Friday 2 September reportedly involved 150 million workers. The main trade union organisations are fighting for 12 demands, which as well as higher wages also include universal social security, efforts to contain price rises, no increase in the maximum overtime hours, and an extension of labour protections to more workers in India. The strike was the fourth one-day general strike in India since 2009.

Ahead of the strike 14 workers′ organisations met to form an alternative to the central trade union organisations, which they argue are not building a significant fight against the government but instead staging yearly one-day protest strikes that aren′t winning. The alternative coordination of unions, MASA, says it plans to continue to organise action beyond 2 September.

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