Submitted by Anon on 12 April, 2006 - 6:24

By a TGWU member

The TGWU Broad Left met on 2 April and discussed the proposed “super-union” amalgamation between the TGWU, AMICUS and the GMB.

Unfortunately the discussion was not very satisfactory, with several people arguing almost that the rule book / structure doesn’t matter, so long as the left is in control.Others were arguing that there should be no ballot on the merger without a finalised rule-book in place. This, it was argued by others, would, in practice, make the merger of the three unions impossible as the “window of opportunity” would only last for so long.

The way forward is somewhat different. Activists should use the opportunity of the new union and the consultation process to put forward proposals for a new, industrially-based structure instead of the present situation in the TGWU (and the GMB), where Regions hold much of the power. But the TGWU consultation closes on 5 May.

Copies of a critical submission to the 2 April meeting on the structure of the new union is available on request.

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