MAB leader to stand for RESPECT

Submitted by Anon on 16 April, 2004 - 8:36

The former MAB (Muslim Association of Britain) president Anas Altikriti will top the list of candidates for the George Galloway/SWP coalition Respect in the June Euro-election Yorkshire and Humberside.

Although he was not selected as a candidate by the Yorkshire and Humberside convention last month, he was confirmed to top the list at a meeting in Leeds on Saturday 3 April. In fact, the Socialist Worker newspaper had already announced he had been selected the week before!

The former president was previously MAB's director of press relations and was responsible for MAB's campaign to get Muslims to vote for the Lib-Dem candidate Sarah Teather in the Brent East by-Election.

Cynical observers have suggested that Altikriti's late decision to be a Respect candidate is due to the Lib-Dems turning him down from their Euro list.

MAB is the British offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood the biggest and the oldest Islamic fundamentalist movement in the Arab world. In October 2002, at the centre of furore over Leeds United players' involvement in the assault on Safraz Najib, MAB attempted to whip up anti-semitism by organising a picket of Elland Road against Leeds' match with Hapoel Tel Aviv; and encouraged its supporters to write to the press and MPs, to complain that United (historically owned and run by Jewish businessmen in Leeds) was anti-Muslim.

Martin Ohr, Leeds

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