London housing campaigns step up action

Submitted by Matthew on 25 February, 2015 - 10:55 Author: Gemma Short

The occupation of the Guinness Trust estate in Brixton, South London, has ended after campaigners managed to stop the eviction of some residents and secured an agreement for shorthold tenants to be rehoused in secure Guinness Trust houses elsewhere in London.

Campaigners have vowed they will re-occupy if there are any further moves to evict the estate’s 44 tenants.

A similar occupation continues at the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, despite the best efforts of the police to carry out an eviction. Occupiers there are opposing the redevelopment of the site. Southwark Defend Council Housing has called a demonstration on 14 March

On Monday 23 February housing activists from across London gathered at City Hall to protest at rents, lack of council housing and private property developers profiteering. The protest coincided with Boris Johnson delivering his budget.

Residents of Sweets Way estate in Barnet and their supporters are continuing to resist evictions from the estate. And campaigners at the West Hendon estate also in Barnet are continuing to protest against the redevelopment of their estate which sees the loss of hundreds of council homes.

Similarly residents at Fred and John towers in Waltham Forest are resisting the redevelopment of the towers, which sees the loss of 70 council homes, with forced relocation of residents outside of the area.

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