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Submitted by Anon on 10 April, 2006 - 6:26

Declaration of the inter-union committee of Loire-Atlantique (CFDT-CFTC-CGC-CGT-FO-FSU-SOLIDAIRES-UNSA-UNEF-UNL)

Following a meeting on 29 March, the regional organisations of eight trade unions and two student organisations celebrate the success of the mobilisation that brought together sixth-formers, students and public and private sector workers in a day of national, cross-sectoral strike action on 28 March.

Despite the impact of strikes and demonstrations, Prime Minister de Villepin continues to refuse to withdraw the CPE.

In this context, this gathering of union organisations reaffirms our opposition to all negotiations with a view to “reforming” the law short of its total withdrawal.

We condemn the provocation of Minister Robien, who issued an instruction to all school head-teachers to use the police if necessary to break the blockade of schools and sixth-forms by student activists.

We reaffirm our support for the actions decided upon collectively by sixth-formers and students, planned for 4 April.

We call upon workers to join the next national day of action on 4 April, organised on the initiative of all workers’ and students’ organisations.

As from today, in the framework of national unity, the union organisations of Loire-Atlantique call upon all workers to fight collectively with a perspective towards continuing strike action in order to force the withdrawal of the CPE and CNE.

Nantes, 29 March 2006

United declaration of workers’, students’ and sixth-formers’ organisations of Sarthe.

With 35-40,000 demonstrators in the streets, we have reached the historic levels of the 1995 mobilisation. It was as much of a success in the private sector as in the public. This human wave which spread, in diversity and unity, through the whole of France demonstrated yet again the total illegitimacy of the CPE.

To ignore the strength of feeling through France would constituent a provocation that can do nothing except escalate the current crisis.

Actions such as the blockading of schools, universities and other public buildings are acts of democratic resistance. This inter-union committee continues to wholeheartedly support the initiatives taken by the students’ and sixth-formers’ organisations.

Le Mans, 29 March 2006


Sixth-formers, students, public and private sector workers, pensioners, unemployed workers: TOTAL STRIKE!

Withdraw CPE-CNE [new laws to cut job security]

Defend the CDI [permanent job contract] and existing labour law!

Following a meeting at Poitiers on 30 March, the undersigned organisations and the representatives of the local student and sixth-formers’ leadership have decided to renew our call for a total strike of all sixth-formers, students, public and private sector workers, pensioners and unemployed workers, and for a massive mobilisation starting with blockades at Porte de Paris, 8am, Wednesday 5 April.

If, by the evening of 5 April, the government has still not withdrawn the CPE-CNE, these organisations will make the same call for the morning of 6 April.

Poitiers, 30 March 2006

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