Living Wage victory

Submitted by Anon on 17 March, 2007 - 11:34

By Heather Shaw

The Director of the London School of Economics, Howard Davies, has announced a “significant increase in wages” amongst poorly paid staff at the college. This shift in policy comes after pressure from Living Wage campaigners.

The daily maintenance of the LSE is carried out by 150 contracted-out ancillary workers who scrape by on poverty pay. Although the exact details of their wage increases are unclear, and will be phased in over time, the deal is a partial victory for the LSE Living Wage campaigners — students and academics — who have doggedly insisted that the scandal of poverty wages must end at the LSE.

LSE seems to be following Queen Mary’s University in East London which committed to a Living Wage for all campus staff in 2006.

Meanwhile figures published by the Times Higher Education Supplement show that the average vice chancellor’s salary rose by 8%, to £165,000, in the year up to 2005-6. The rise is twice as fast as academics’ pay over the same period.

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