Leaflets for the Workers' and Civil Rights Coalition

Submitted by martin on 16 November, 2006 - 10:25

Three leaflets have been issued by the Workers' and Civil Rights Coalition in Brisbane.
1. A factsheet refuting the Government's claims about Work Choices improving productivity and not harming workers' conditions and wages.
2. A summary of the policy for union rights adopted at the recent ACTU congress, and of the issues raised by the stronger planks in that policy.
3. A leaflet on the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act.
You can download these leaflets in Word or PDF format from this page. To see the download links, you need to be logged in on this site. If you haven't yet registered as a user on this site, it's easy to register and log in using the link in the left-hand menu. Click here for the draft Workers' Liberty leaflet on union rights for the 30 November ACTU day of action.

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