LCR corrects itself on anti-semitism

Submitted by martin on 21 December, 2003 - 1:06

An editorial in Solidarity 3/41 commented critically on a statement by the French revolutionary organisation LCR condemning the November 2003 attacks on a synagogue in Istanbul and a Jewish school near Paris.
We wrote: "The statement was angry, and without a doubt sincere. Yet there was something strange about its first sentence. 'The imperialist war against Iraq, and the criminal policy of the Sharon government in Palestine, continue to cause tragedies....'...
"Sharon's policies no more "caused" the attacks on Turkish synagogues and the French school than al-Qaida's atrocities, or Saddam Hussein's brutalities, "caused" anti-Arab racism in the West..."
It seems that others made similar comments, and the LCR recognised their validity.
The LCR made a supplementary statement on 24 November 2003:
"The leadership of the LCR has been challenged about the terms of a communique published on 17 November. Some of its formulations lend themselves to a bad interpretation.
"We therefore reaffirm here our total condemnation of all forms of racism and anti-semitism. Whoever the authors are, and whatever rhetoric serves them as alibi..."
It's not a hundred per cent clear, but it does show the LCR willing to take account of the criticisms.

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