Khamenei blames “Zionists”

Submitted by Anon on 26 June, 2009 - 7:45

Khamenei spent a lot of his speech on Friday 19 June attacking those he sees as Iran’s historical and current enemies. Iranian Islamist populism has always relied on evoking external threats and whipping up nationalism. The speech was also strategy for strengthening the internal crackdown — attacking America, the UK, the UN, and trying to link those powers to the opposition movement in Iran.

The anti-western discourse of Khamenei’s speech wrapped up religious piety with tirades against “materialism” (his fear for the youth) unspecified “enemies”, specified plotting enemies (critics of the electoral “process” in Iran), the media — and above all the “dirty” Zionists, who “control the media”.

That the world’s media are controlled by Zionists (meaning here Jews) is a typical anti-semitic conspiracy theories. The Iranian regime’s attachment of the label “Zionist” to anything they don’t like gives the lie to apologist claims that its attacks on “Zionism” are just legitimate criticism of Israeli policy.
Khamenei also took the opportunity to have a go at the “Zionist agents” of the US, agents of “Zionist capitalists”. They, he claimed, started the rioting in the streets.

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