Keep the post public - but under workers' and users' control

Submitted by Anon on 6 March, 2002 - 9:17

From the latest issue of the AWL bulletin, Postalworker

Defend the second delivery!

Some would have you believe that this is an "outdated slogan". But defending the second delivery is a key part of our campaign to save our industry from bloodsuckers such as Allan Leighton, and the Government sponsored private courier firms.

Tailored Delivery Services (TDS) is the new name for Royal Mail's plans for first deliveries arriving at 1pm. And "tailored" they certainly are - to the interests of big business and against the rest of the public.
For postal workers, TDS will mean job cuts (local offices have already been instructed to stop recruiting staff in preparation for TDS). In the longer run, Consignia hope TDS will undermine support for Royal Mail staying in public ownership and retaining the universal service obligation.

They will also use the lack of public support for postal workers to further undermine our national agreements on pay and conditions. Maintaining second deliveries and arguing for shorter first delivery spans is about defending jobs and halting the chaos that privatisation would bring to the postal network.

We must unite with Parcelforce and Post Office Counters workers under threat from out-sourcing and Post Office closures to demand a fully publicly owned postal service under democratic workers' and users' control.

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