Justice for the SOAS 9!

Submitted by Anon on 27 June, 2009 - 8:06

Two weeks after nine cleaners at SOAS were taken into detention, campaigners are calling for action for justice for the SOAS 9.

They are also appealing for solidarity with detainees in Yarl’s Wood detention centre who are on hunger strike for demand including freeing children who are detained, adequate access to health care, quality food and real privacy.

• Day of action, 27 June: info on www.caic.org.uk and

• Send messages of solidarity for the hunger strikers to: londoncoalitionagainstpoverty@gmail.com

• Contact SERCO (who run Yarl’s Wood) and demand that the strikers’ demands are met — 01344 386300, homeaffairs@serco.com

• Contact Yarl’s Wood and demand that the strikers demands are met: duty manager, 01234 821517; switchboard, 01234 821000; health “care”, 01234 821147

• Demand exceptional leave to remain for the SOAS 9: http://freesoascleaners.blogspot.com/ 2009/06/send-this-letter-to-home-office-now.html

• If you can donate towards credit for detainees’ mobiles or travel costs for solidarity visits, email londoncoalitionagainstpoverty@gmail.com.

• Read the story of a detainee involved in the hunger strike: http://londonmigrantworkers.wordpress.com/

• Alberto Durango, a Unite member and key supporter of the Willis cleaners and many other struggles is, as Solidarity goes to print, appealing against his sacking by cleaning contractor Lancaster. He worked for Lancaster at Schroeder’s bank, leading a successful campaign for the London Living Wage. The sacking followed a failed attempt by the company last month by the company to have him deported. Alberto has not had the support from Unite that he should have had.

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