Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader!

Submitted by AWL on 17 June, 2015 - 12:23

Socialist MP Jeremy Corbyn has made it onto the ballot for the Labour leadership election.
Jeremy is a member of the RMT’s Parliamentary Group, and has been a consistent supporter of rail workers’ struggles.

All rail unions must throw their weight behind his campaign, as the only consistently pro-union and pro-rail-renationalisation candidate in the election. Our representatives on Labour Party committees must back Corbyn’s campaign.

His candidacy is an excellent opportunity to discuss how to refound genuine working-class political representation in a context in which the Labour Party is hurtling to the right.

Off The Rails supporters have helped set up a“Rail and transport workers 4 Corbyn” network to coordinate activity in rail unions and our workplaces.

All the other Labour leadership candidates want to reinforce the austerity consensus: only Corbyn wants to put socialism back on the agenda.

For more on Jeremy’s campaign, click here.

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