Israel/Palestine: "all of us will pay"

Submitted by AWL on 9 April, 2005 - 9:24

At the same meeting in which it decided to implement the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli government took an even more important decision: to complete the wall in the West Bank.

As of now, preparations are moving rapidly ahead for the building of three new towns between the Green Line and the wall: "Gevaot" in the Etzion Bloc, "Zufim North" near Kalkilia and a contiguous built-up area connecting Jerusalem with Ma’aleh Adumim. More big housing projects are planned east of Har Homa and east of A-Ram.

This means violating the promise given to President Bush, violating international law, sabotaging Abu Mazen’s efforts to achieve a settlement and inviting a third intifada.

Gush Shalom, Israeli Peace Bloc.

Israelis fight annexations

A petition circulated by the residents of the Israeli village of Nirit.

We, the undersigned, support the struggle by the residents of Nirit for the immediate cessation of the construction of the new West Bank settlement, "Nof Hasharon".

"Nof Hasharon is really a part of the West-Bank settlement of Alfei-Menashe, a settlement beyond the Green Line. However, Nof Hasharon is to be attached, de facto, to our community, Nirit.

We reject this attempt to coerce a small community in Israel, established within the Green Line, into becoming a settlement. We find it inconceivable that while the Israeli government is promoting disengagement in other places, the authorities are approving a hurried procedure for the annexation of a new settlement, in occupied territory, to an existing, long established Israeli village.

We demand an immediate halt to the ill-considered construction of this new settlement.

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