Iraqi Communist Party: First with the news but what about their politics?

Submitted by Anon on 2 May, 2003 - 12:46

One issue we did not cover in the interview is the importance of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP). The ICP was first on the streets with its newspaper Tareeq Al-Sha'ab (People's Path) after the collapse of the Saddam Hussein regime. The headline was "The Collapse of dictatorship! Our people aspire to an independent and unified federal democratic Iraq".
Before and during, the ICP opposed the war. In December 2002, when Iraqi oppositionists held a congress in London, the ICP refused to take up their offer of places. Their leader, Hameed Majid Mousa, said: "The proper way of convening such a conference is through direct consultations among Iraqi patriotic opposition forces, without interference or patronage from any foreign quarters". And, on the then impending war: "Salvation from the dictatorial regime is our cause and the cause of the Iraqi people, and it does not make sense to ignore this and to pin hopes on American war, American invasion and American 'liberation'. No! This is what the Iraqi opposition should take care not to fall into." But the ICP now calls for a popular front government.

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