Iranian Socialists Propose Unity

Submitted by cathy n on 31 May, 1995 - 3:25

Representatives of nine political and regional groups who attended a meeting of ‘Etehad Chap Kargari’ (Workers’ Left Unity) passed the following resolution on the 12 February 1995 in Germany:
The crisis engulfing the Iranian communist movement with its specific characteristics within the framework of an international crisis, has halted the formation and organisation of a genuinely radical socialist alternative in Iran. The objective in forming Workers’ Left Unity (WLU) is to create the conditions that will help the formation and development of such a tendency and to pave the way for our joint efforts in the creation of a revolutionary party and to facilitate our future participation in any mobilisation of the working class. This political alliance believes in:
* the necessity for the overthrow of the capitalist Islamic Republic in Iran and the formation of a workers’ state relying on the self-governing organs of workers and toilers.
* socialism as a force capable of expanding democracy in all political, social and economic spheres, abolition of exploitation, establishment of social ownership relying on the self-rule of producers and abolition of social classes.
* the inseparable characteristics of democracy and socialism and defence of all unconditional political freedoms, defending the right to universal voting, defending pluralism for all social strata.
* the struggle to organise workers on the basis of their class interests and on the basis of the confrontation between capital and labour. To help the independent mobilisation of the working class in economic, social, political and cultural issues.
* the struggle against patriarchy and male chauvinism, racial discrimination and the battle to eradicate cultural, national, religious, sexual bias which are an integral part of the struggle for socialism.
* internationalism and adherence to its principles.
Although the above are sufficient to distinguish this alliance from other opposition forces claiming to support socialism, on their own they are inadequate for unification within a single political party. This alliance will follow a process of development and following a period of debate, discussion and practical co-operation, encouraging other ideological tendencies it will be able to clarify its positions further and pave the way for the formation of a single party within which the right to form factions and tendencies will be respected. Those participating in this alliance do not consider themselves as the only forces of this alliance and invite all groups and individuals who agree with the above points to join them maintaining their organisational/political independence. Such forces can form local independent, permanent branches which will form the base of this alliance. Such branches will expand the discussion on issues concerning the way out of the present crisis, tactical programmes and strategic issues necessary for creating the revolutionary party capable of leading the workers’ socialist revolution, seeking further alliances in the democratic and socialist arena.

l Etehad Kargarn Enghelabi Iran (Rahe Kargar) — Revolutionary Workers’
l Alliance Iran (Workers Path) l Hezb Ranjbaran — Toilers Party of Iran
l Daftarhaye Kargari — Socialist Workers’ Socialist Bulletin l Sazman Kargaran Enghelabi Iran (Rahe Kargar) — Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran (Workers Path) l Hasten Agahaliat — Minority Group l Faalan Sazman Cherikhaye Fedayii Khalgh Iran — Activists of the Organisation of Iranian Peoples’ Fedayin Guerrillas (abroad)
l Hamkaran Projet Ijad Bulletin Bahshe socialisthayeh Enghelabi — The project for revolutionary socialist debate l Some of the cadres from Fedayin Minority l Independent activists of the left

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