International Women's Day: Action against Disney

Submitted by Anon on 5 February, 2004 - 5:18

By Mick Duncan

International Women's Day is Monday 8 March and celebrates a strike among New York women garment workers nearly 100 years ago. No Sweat will be targeting Disney stores on Saturday 6 and Monday 8 March.

Every year we celebrate International Women's Day in an appropriate fashion. This year we are targeting Disney for using sweatshop labour to produce their goods. Most of the workers exploited by Disney are young women.

Have a look at the No Sweat web site to find model leaflets, leaflet and poster art, masks; a cut-out cartoon sewing machine; instructions and hints, pus a picture of a picket in Manchester last year to give you an idea of how it all works.

You may also need a portable tape player and some "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go" Disney music. We can help you out with tapes, just email for a copy. We also have some t-shirts with Mickey and Donald working in a sweatshop. You can buy these from the Buy No Sweat merchandise section of the website.

A full leaflet, some handy facts on Disney, a song sheet, lists of places taking action and more links will be posted on the site soon. This action takes place during a week of campus action against sweatshops.

  • For more details of the student activities, please contact No Sweat

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