Indonesian socialists: "Strengthen international solidarity."

Submitted by Daniel_Randall on 28 January, 2005 - 5:54

From a statement by the People’s Democratic Party (PRD) of Indonesia.

In this disaster national, regional and international solidarity has proven to be effectively mobilised without the command of the government. This solidarity between the majority of the people proves that it is the people that are capable, not the government, nor the TNI [Indonesian army]. It is this solidarity that must be strengthened, in order to overcome the numerous problems caused by a government that is incapable of managing a nation, a slave to foreign interests, corrupt, slow, and militaristic, to the goal of changing the frightening world order (full of war, poverty, starvation, injustice, militarism and oppression) to a world order that is more humane and sides with the majority of the people.

• Reject the Non-Combat military operation in Aceh.

• Withdraw the Civil Emergency status, establish a humanitarian pause and ceasefire and proceed towards the formation of a Transitional Regional Government which consists of various democratic elements of Acehnese society, as well as a solution to the ending of the conflict which is democratic and non-violent.

• Open access to Acehnese territory and transparency in regards to aid and recovery efforts, both national and international.

• The elimination of foreign debt which is not a moratorium or a reduction in debt for Indonesia, which allocates debt installments and its interest to be used for developing Aceh, access to education, housing and health facilities as well as trauma healing in particular, in the interests of the advancement of the welfare of Indonesian society in general, as well as

• The UN takes immediate responsibility for establishing an Early Warning System for poor countries, not only rich countries.

• Strengthen the solidarity and power of the people both nationally and internationally in order to free the world of war, militarism, and oppressive neo-liberal globalisation.

• PRD:

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