IDS on your bike, we deserve the right to strike!

Submitted by AWL on 18 August, 2015 - 5:49

On Saturday 8 August, more than 15 activists with Right to Strike took a trip to Chingford to serve Iain Duncan Smith with a high court injunction.

Tories and bosses are so keen to take high court injunctions out against our democratically decided strikes that we thought we’d give them a taste of their own medicine.

The Tories are proposing that unions in key sectors must get 40% of their members to vote yes in a ballot (not just of those that vote) to have a legal strike. Turns out Iain Duncan Smith only got elected on 31% of the electorate, and the whole government on only 24% of the electorate. Well short of the targets they set for us.

So we took a high court judge to Chingford and sentenced Iain Duncan Smith.

Chanting “IDS on your bike, we deserve the right to strike!” and “IDS hear us say, union laws — no way!” we leafleted passers by and took signatures on our petition for the Right to Strike.

Our next action will be targetting the bill’s sponsor, Sajid Javid, elected on 37% of the electorate.

Join us at 6 p.m., Wednesday 9 September, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, 1 Victoria St, London, SW1H 0ET.

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