Ideas for Freedom 2004

Submitted by Anon on 17 July, 2004 - 7:38

A weekend of socialist debate, 3-4 July

At Highgate Newtown Community Centre, 25 Bertram Street, London N19 (Archway or Tufnell Park tube)
Discussions on Saturday 3 July

  • Israel-Palestine: what chance for peace? Sean Matgamna (AWL) and an Israeli refusenik
  • The revolutionary paper Cathy Nugent
  • Working class political representation Alex Gordon (RMT), Billy Hayes (CWU) and Janine Booth (RMT)
  • Socialists and the Muslim communities in Britain: a discussion Sacha Ismail (AWL) and a member of the Muslim group, Just Peace
  • What will socialism be like? Jill Mountford
  • Iraq: eyewitness in Falluja Jo Wilding
  • Free trade and fair trade. Speakers include Paul Hampton
  • The debate on the banning of the veil in French schools Yves Coleman
  • Which way for the anti-capitalist movement? Massimo De Angelis and Mick Duncan
  • The politics of Isaac Deutscher Sean Matgamna
  • Iraq: what next Clive Bradley (AWL), Houzan Mahmoud (WCPI) and Ewa Jasiewicz (recently returned from Basra)

Discussions on Sunday 4 July

  • The left and elections Pat Murphy (AWL), Omar Waraich (Respect) and Matt Sellwood (Green Party)
  • Lessons from the miners' strike, 20 years on Paul Whetton (secretary of the Notts rank and file strike committee) and Karen Waddington (AWL)
  • The left and the US elections Jim Byagua
  • 1919, workers' councils in Hungary John Cunningham
  • Toussaint L'Ouverture and the Haitian revolution Colin Waugh
  • Iraq: the new workers' movement and the case for solidarity Abdullah Muhsin (IFTU) and Martin Thomas (AWL)

The political folk-singer, Robb Johnson will be performing at Ideas for Freedom
at 7 pm on 3 July. Tickets to hear Robb can be bought separately for £3.

There is a creche and cheap food. Accommodation is available.

Two-day weekend tickets are £20 (waged)/£11 (low waged, students)/ £7 (unwaged). One day tickets are £10 (waged)/£6 (low waged, students)/ £4 (unwaged). You can book online for the Workers' Liberty summer school at

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