Homophobia and Wallasey CLP

Submitted by AWL on 20 February, 2017 - 2:17

This is a summary of the AWL's view on what is going on.

Homophobia should be driven out of the labour movement. Serious charges of homophobia should be investigated, and disciplinary action taken if they are substantiated.

However, in Wallasey no precise charge has been lodged.

The official Labour Party report last autumn said only: "The investigation has found that some members have truthfully claimed that homophobic instances occurred during the AGM. Others truthfully said that they were not aware of those instances. It is possible for the events to have occurred without the knowledge of all members. The allegations are not that the CLP is institutionally homophobic or that members were aware of homophobia but took no action, but are specific to individuals".

The report said that charges against individuals would follow. They have not followed, and there is no sign that they will follow. As things stand now, Wallasey CLP looks to be suspended indefinitely. There is no action it can take to get the suspension lifted.

The suspension should be lifted and the democratic rights of Wallasey members restored.

The only way forward on claims of homophobia is for those who charge homophobia - so far, anonymously, without naming names and incidents - to make precise charges against named individuals and have them investigated. In the meantime people are innocent until proven guilty - and, even more so, innocent until charged.

If there is a "cover-up" here, then the fault lies, at least in effect, with the people who say they have evidence of homophobia but have not brought precise charges in a form which can be investigated.

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